Gerry Woodcock made the entire range of floats for the late legendary Ivan Marks voted best angler of all times.

Gerry Woodcocks Pole Floats are used by champions, multi match winners and record breakers. These anglers catch 300 - 500 lb of fish on the same float regularly.

Built for strength and durability, the No. 1 choice for a lot of top open match anglers. For example just to name a few.. Mark (The Power) Taylor, record holder at Jansons Fishery, Steve Davies another record holder at Jansons Fishery, Colin Spencer nationwide top angler, Paul Harsley, top Lincolnshire angler, Rick Tweddle latest 3 day festival winner with 1 point each day at Westwood Lakes using the Slappa floats. Stu Redman celebrity Sensus angler.

The reason these anglers prefer Gerry Woodcocks floats is because the stem runs right through the middle of the body to the top of the antenna and virtually impossible to break.. no weak spots.